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Clubtix was developed to provide venues, artists, festivals and promoters with the ultimate online ticketing & event registration tools, which is not only highly customizable, but also provides a complete end to end solution for collecting data and track stats in real time. The whole service has been designed with the user in mind.


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  • Venue Ticketing & Reservations
  • Festival Ticketing, Press Passes and Artist Guestlists
  • Artist Fan Club Ticketing
  • Promoter Ticketing and Reservations

Online Solutions

Clubtix allows your venue to sell tickets online. Our system has been developed to tightly integrate with your existing web site using W3C web standards. Clubtix also utilizes SSL encryption to ensure that your customer's details are safe and secure at every step of the way.

  • Allows your web site to sell tickets online
  • Safe secure SSL encryption for ticket sales
  • Order tracking and confirmation for customers
  • Full access to your customer information
  • Opt-in / Opt-out marketing
  • Complete in-house merchant services

The Clubtix web service works in a similar way to PayPal. The customer selects the event they would like to go to from your web site and then they are directed to the Clubtix server. The page they land on is immediately displayed with the look and feel of your web site, they then proceed to purchase tickets for your event or events. The service stays branded in your look and feel all the way through event selection, basket and check out, giving your customer a seamless end to end experience. Even if the customer comes back at a later date the pages will remain branded in your look and feel.

This service is available on all packages

Through Your Box Office

Clubtix also provides support to your box office allowing you to use Clubtix as your online sales manager for tickets to your events. Each member of your box office staff can be provided with a unique username and password to login and manage ticket sales.

  • Complete Box Office System
  • Unique usernames & passwords for each member of staff
  • Manage venues, events & customers
  • Is adjustable to any venue or theatre regardless of size & capacity
  • Provides full merchant services to each member of the box office
  • Only need to supply basic IT services to each member of staff
  • This service is only available on Web & Box Office


Clubtix provides a powerful set of social networking features to make your ticket sales viral, including Facebook ticket purchase posts and scheduled event posts, RSS feeds and a server-to-server API.


Clubtix wants to put money in your hands and works hard to do so. We are constantly developing our ticket sales solution, so you sell more tickets.